Woman raped while walking to Baywest

South Africa, January 2017

Police spent several hours yesterday morning searching for three men who attacked two women, and raped one, while they were walking to the Baywest Mall.

According to police, details remain sketchy as the women, who live in Kuyga, were traumatised by the attack.

The incident caused police to issue a warning to pedestrians to be vigilant when walking in secluded areas.

The attack happened at about 9am and specialist detectives from the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit took over the case later.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the women, aged 22 and 21, were walking on a footpath between Rowallan Park and Baywest when they were attacked.

“It is a thoroughfare and fairly busy with foot traffic,” she said.

“The women said they spotted three men behind them but did not think much of it as there were always people walking up and down the path.”

“The men eventually caught up to the women and started talking to them when they reached a secluded area on the path.

“One man demanded money and their cellphones while two grabbed one woman and pushed her into the nearby bushes.

“The suspect with the remaining woman then allegedly raped her on the field.”

Naidu said the woman in the bushes was robbed of her cellphone.