US: 1st bishop charged with pedophilia, child abuse claim dies

USA, Jan 3, 2017 – The Asian Age

Springfield: Former Bishop Thomas Dupre, the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States to be indicted on a sexual-abuse claim during the flood of abuse accusations against church officials, has died. He was 83.

Dupre died on Friday, the Diocese of Springfield said. He died outside the diocese, but the location and the cause of his death weren’t disclosed.

Dupre, who became bishop in the mid-1990s, cited health reasons for his sudden retirement in 2004. Months later he was indicted on charges he raped two boys in the 1970s, but the case was dropped because prosecutors determined the statute of limitations had expired.

Before Dupre became bishop he had been an aide of Bishop Joseph Maguire, who led the diocese from 1977 to 1992 and faced allegations following retirement that clergy sex abuse and a cover-up of that abuse had happened on his watch.

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In 2009, a man alleged in a lawsuit a known pedophile priest molested him at St. Patrick’s Parish in Williamstown in the early 1980s, when he was a boy. He said Maguire and Dupre knew the priest had abused other boys but assigned him to the church anyway.

Dupre testified for a deposition in the man’s lawsuit but repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Dupre’s lawyer tried unsuccessfully to have the judge impound a videotape of the deposition, saying the accuser merely wanted to use it to embarrass Dupre and embarrass the church.

In 2012, the man reached a $500,000 settlement. Maguire apologized for the man’s suffering, saying, “I only wish that in 1976, as a new bishop, I could have foreseen the true nature of one who violated our trust with such devastating harm to his victims.”

Dupre was defrocked by the Vatican in 2006. The priest also was defrocked. Maguire died in 2014 at age 95.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, which covers western Massachusetts and has more than 200,000 members, has paid more than $12 million to sex abuse victims since 2004. It said in 2008 it had paid $4.5 million to 59 victims in a settlement that included a personal donation from Dupre.

Three people who said they were abused by Dupre were included in the settlement, and the prelate gave his own money to fund a portion of payments to two victims, diocese spokesman Mark Dupont said.

Dupre’s funeral arrangements will be private, Dupont said on Monday.

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Pedophile suspect denies charges

Police hunt for suspect in Kirinyaga teacher murder

Daily Nation, By George Munene

Police in Kirinyaga County are piecing together information which can establish the motive behind the killing of a primary school head teacher on Sunday evening.

They have launched a manhunt for the suspect in the killing that left residents in shock.

According to Kirinyaga police boss Hussein Arur, the suspected attacker is a well-known criminal.

“We are consolidating crucial information which can assist us establish why the assailant hacked the Githure Primary School head teacher Jane Wanjiru to death,” he said.

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Ms Wanjiru, 45 was hacked to death by a lone gangster.

She was attacked in the bathroom at her Karinga village home in Gichugu constituency.

The assailant raped and fatally struck her with an object believed to be a hammer.

He then proceeded to the neighbouring home where he raped a 70-year-old woman whom he found sitting outside her house.

A relative of the head teacher who was in the main house went to check on her when she overstayed in the bathroom and found her lying unconscious.

She raised alarm and neighbours who responded took her to Tenri Hospital in Embu where she was pronounced dead on arrival.


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Milo Yiannopoulos to bring free speech back to campuses nationwide with Milo Inc.

Daily Titan, By Rishu Bhardwaj

It’s not easy being a troll. That’s why Milo Yiannopoulos, former Breitbart senior editor and professional provocateur, is reportedly receiving $12 million in investments for proving his troll powers.

Yiannopoulos’ venture aims to revitalize free speech around the nation in the form of his new brand, Milo Inc.

“Berkeley is going to become the free speech capital of the United States once again. I will make sure of it,” Yiannopoulos said in a Facebook post in a response to the recent cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech at UC Berkeley.

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, his first target is Berkeley campus, with the intention of running a “Free Speech Week” event through his new company.

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After his own appearance at Berkeley being canceled due to protests that resulted in over $100,000 in damage, the professional troll has found his niche. He has become the unofficial crusader for free speech.

Yiannopoulos’ passion for the First Amendment might just be what America is in need of.

After being permanently banned from Twitter for racially harassing actress Leslie Jones, some seemingly pro-pedophelia comments on a podcast, causing violent protests at UC Berkeley, losing a coveted book deal, then tanking on the Bill Maher show, Yiannopoulos is cashing in on his knack for getting a rise out of heated college students through debate.

While some of Yiannopoulos’ comments are objectively vile, bordering on hate speech, he is no gentle teddy bear looking to create peace among students, his intentions to use the First Amendment to its fullest extent are vital to keep free speech alive as the easily offended masses actively voice against his inflammatory opinions.

Hopefully, bringing the First Amendment back to Berkeley will be a beacon of hope as it’s clear that, nationwide, people look to the school as a stamp for cultural narrative despite its recent misguidings.

Although it seems that the riots and cancellations in Berkeley are having an effect on the stability of free speech in the U.S. today, thankfully some states are upholding the values that free speech poses.

In response to the events in Berkeley, Colorado has moved to ban all free-speech zones on university campuses, according to the Colorado Independent.

Where previously those looking to spread some sort of message were confined to specific areas, speakers are now allowed to go wherever they please.

“You look at some of the things happening in Berkeley and other areas, there seems to be no balance and people are being denied free speech and you’re seeing the frustration and frankly, violence,” said State Senator Tim Neville, who co-sponsored the bill and explained the reasoning in an interview with local news outlet Western Slope Now.

It’s no secret that the best and only way to come to any sort of consensus is to be able to have discussion. Although, Yiannopoulos is aiming for a sort of discussion that fuels some fires, it seems that his tactics are in response to polarizing attitudes in political and social dialogue.

Despite his controversial methods, free speech in America is in need of some shock and awe, and who better a crusader.

The important thing to take away from all of Yiannopoulos’ inflammatory speech–and don’t get me wrong, it definitely is inflamatory–is that in it lies the hope for free expression. He just goes at it in the same rugged way a father teaches his son to be a man by not helping him up when he falls.

Yiannopoulos plans his comeback during “Free Speech Week,” and according to an interview with the Washington Post, he plans to do whatever it takes to let his message be heard, claiming he has enough money to fund himself even if the university refuses to help.

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