South Africa arrests five for rape, murder of two toddlers

South African police arrested five men for the rape and murder of two toddlers this week that sparked rioting in a restive shantytown northwest of Johannesburg, a spokesman said Friday.

“The fifth (suspect) was arrested this morning,” said police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini. Four others detained earlier would appear in court Friday, he added.

“Charges against them will be kidnapping, rape, and murder,” he said.

The men were aged between 29 and 47. All lived in Diepsloot township northwest of Johannesburg.

A resident discovered the bodies of the girls, aged two and three, early Tuesday in a communal toilet. They had been missing since Saturday.

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Their rape and strangulation caused uproar and angry members of the community in the densely-populated working class shantytown rioted and blocked the streets with rocks and rubble.

Located along one of the country’s wealthiest gated estates, Diepsloot testifies to the country’s huge wealth inequality.

Large parts of the squalid slum have no running water and residents share pit latrines and mobile toilets.

South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Around 16,000 people are killed a year, according to official statistics.

Over half the 54,000 crimes against children reported in the period from 2010 to 2011 were sexual offences, according to the UN children’s organisation Unicef.

Most murders occur in densely populated and poverty-stricken areas with poor policing.

In a separate case, a mother was due in court Friday after her two young children were found dead in a field east of Johannesburg.

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Man stabs to death wife’s lover found in marital bed

Uganda, April 2017

Patrick Olegmungu later turned on his wife, Gloria Ayiyorwoth, beating her to near death.

Police in Nebbi has arrested a 42-year-old security guard, Patrick Olegmungu, 48, for allegedly killing his wife’s lover.

Olegmungu allegedly stabbed Openji Athowan, 42, to death after he caught him having sex with his wife in their marital bed at Arumukeng ward in Nebbi Municipality.

The incident happened at about at about 12am according to their neighbours.

One of the neighbours who preferred anonymity said after the incident, Olegmungu confidently walked to them to inform them how he had killed someone in his house.

“We heard a scuffle from Olegmungu’s home, at first we took it as their usual quarrelling. But after a short while, he came and told us that he had killed someone,” one of the neighbours said.

According to the neighbour, the issue came as a surprise as they had seen Olegmungu reporting to his workstation at Lumaka Restaurant along Nebbi-Pakwach Road earlier in the day.

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“His wife escorted him to his workstation so we don’t know how he managed to come back. Maybe he had laid a trap,” the neighbour said.

James Okello, another neighbour, said Olegmungu had been suspecting his wife of cheating on him while he was at work.

“The man had vowed to teach his wife a lesson. He has been suspecting her of bringing men in his home while he is on duty,” Okello said.

Olegmungu later turned on his wife, Gloria Ayiyorwoth, beating her to near death.

Okumu Lei, the Nebbi district acting Police officer in charge criminal investigations confirmed to New Vision Olegmungu’s arrest on Wednesday.

“It’s true; we have Patrick Olegmungu with us. He is being detained over the murder of Openji who he suspected to be having an affair with his wife,” he said.

Lei explained that Police swung into action following a tip off from a neighbour.

He said the suspect worked as a night watchman at Lumaka Restaurant and a cleaner with Nebbi Municipal Council during the day.

According to Lei, Police found Openji’s naked body in a pool of blood inside Olegmuungu house.

He said the victim was severely stabbed in the neck and through the heart.

He said the suspect will be charged with murder contrary to section 188 of the Penal Code, adding that upon conviction he faces death or life imprisonment.

Olegmungu in his statement to Police admitted to killing Openji, adding that he wanted both of them dead.

Police has since deployed at Nebbi Hospital where Ayiyorwoth is admitted fearing attacks from Openji’s relatives.

According to Lei, the relative of the deceased have vowed to avenge the death of their son accusing Ayiyorwoth of contributing to his death.

What residents say

Christopher Awacango (Nebbi resident): I think there is need to revive the law on adultery. If we had a stronger law, the man wouldn’t act that way for he knows there would be stronger punishment.

Dhogupol Ogengo (records officer): Women should begin to say no to men especially when they know they are married to avoid such a situation.

Denis Kerodong (farmer): It’s very unfortunate the man is going to rot in jail, but I think it was not fair for the woman to take the man to their bed. If she wanted, she could have opted for another place.

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When it comes to oral sex, gender gap exists in attitudes

Washington, April 2016

The study focused on accounts of oral sex between men and women, rather than same-sex partners.

Like other forms of gender gap, women may be losing out in the bedroom, as well. A new study has suggested that females may also be missing out on receiving oral sex in their relationships.

The study, conducted by University of the Pacific sociologist Ruth Lewis and Cicely Marston of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, interviewed 71 men and women ages 16 to 18, and conducted follow-up interviews a year later.

The study focused on accounts of oral sex between men and women, rather than same-sex partners.

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They found that despite often talking about an ethic of equal give-and-take in oral sex, most interviewees described performing oral sex on women as a “bigger deal” than oral sex on men. In particular, both men and women said giving oral sex was more distasteful for men than women, and receiving was “easier” for men than women.

“There has been a lot of research on vaginal intercourse but we know much less about young people’s expectations and experiences of other sexual practices,” Lewis said. “This was an exploratory study to start to give us an idea of how young people talk about oral sex.”

For example, the interviews revealed that the language men used to talk about women’s genitals was often highly negative and that women were often ambivalent about receiving oral sex because of their awareness of these perceptions.

In addition, young men were much more likely than women to say they simply did not perform oral sex if they didn’t want to, while young women tended to describe strategies to make giving oral sex more palatable.

According to Lewis, the implications from these findings indicate an urgent need for explicit focus on gender dynamics in sex education programming.

The study appears online in the Journal of Sex Research.

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Two to be charged with murder of Bishop Muiru’s mother

April 2017

Two people implicated in the murder of televangelist Bishop Pius Muiru’s mother will be charged next week.

Murang’a High Court judge Hatari Waweru Thursday remanded Monicah Muthoni and security guard Ezekiel Saitabu Nakola until April 20, when they will take a plea.

Muthoni is a daughter-in-law of Grace Wangari Mwangi who was brutally murdered a fortnight ago, and her body buried in a shallow grave.

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The suspects were remanded at Murang’a GK Prison.

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Brazil shocked as police search for 30 men who gang raped 16-year-old girl

Brazil, May 2016

Case gained nationwide attention in the South American country after two of the alleged rapists filmed the attack and posted it on social media.

Brazilian authorities are searching for 30 men who are suspected of participating in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Rio de Janeiro, media reports said on Friday.

The shocking case gained nationwide attention in the South American country after two of the alleged rapists filmed the attack and posted it on social media.

According to reports, the alleged attackers posed next to the victim’s genitalia and disseminated the image on Twitter, resulting in over 550 likes and positive responses including smiley faces and thumbs-up.

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Reports indicate that the girl went to her boyfriend’s home in a poverty-stricken section of Rio, where she was allegedly drugged and knocked unconscious.

According to the BBC, the girl woke up to discover that she had been assaulted.

Video of the attack went viral in Brazil, shocking social media users who alerted authorities. The Twitter accounts of those who posted the video were suspended.